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Rental private offices Malaga

25 private offices from 1 to 15 people

The prices of the offices and offices in Malaga include:

Without bail, or permanence, our office rental lets you grow freely.

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The price of our office rental in Malaga is what you see, without cheats.

We are a huge coworking with 1650m of facilities and offices for rent.

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    The best services included

    24/7 access

    Is it night? Sunday? Our offices and offices in Malaga they are always open.

    Wifi 5g and fiber 1gb

    The internet is not a problem in our center office rental in Malaga.


    Don't load your backpack! Our offices in Malaga has plenty of space for your things.

    Air conditioning

    August in Malaga? In this office center you can come as you want. It is luxurious!


    Come home to rest and come to work with enthusiasm, that of clean we do it.


    In Grow Working we are pending of your clients and we will notify you when they arrive.

    Access via app

    Are you forgetting your keys? Nothing happens, to our office center you enter with a code.

    Video surveillance

    Sleep soundly, our offices they are always under the gaze of the cameras.


    We are the center of office rental safer en Malaga, with alarm and the police one step away.

    Anti-theft insurance

    Leave what you need safely in our offices, we are fully insured.

    Use of meeting room

    Make use price quotation of our different meeting rooms according to your needs. 

    Messenger service

    Mail, invoices, packages from Amazon? Do not worry, we pick it up for you and let you know


    You can bring your own food. We have a dining room, ovens and refrigerators for common use. Coffee and herbal teas are free.


    Something to print? Our offices in Malaga has a lot of printers for you.

    Extra office space: hire what you need

    40m office2


    (VAT not included)

    22m office2


    (VAT not included)

    15m office2


    (VAT not included)

    75m office2


    (VAT not included)

    Our private offices and offices

    Frequent doubts

    What spaces are there in the office and office rental center?
    What does renting private offices include in your prices?
    What capacity do the different offices and offices have?
    What spaces are there in the office and office rental center?

    Grow Working has a large coworking space in Malaga where you can find from large common areas with chairs, tables and sofas to a small kitchen. In addition, between private offices and offices you can access the use of meeting rooms and large facilities to provide training.

    What does renting private offices include in your prices?

    Regardless of the workspace you hire, you will have at your disposal all the services, facilities and public spaces of our coworking in Malaga. From being able to accommodate yourself in the common room to having all the coffees you want, do not hesitate to know here all our advantages.

    What capacity do the different offices and offices have?

    At Grow Working we want all work spaces to be comfortable and pleasant, that is why we recommend that in our office and office rental service in Malaga there be 1 person for every 4 meters. In this way we have private offices and offices from 1 person to 10.