Grow Working for SELF-EMPLOYED

If you work from home or are on the street all day...

Professionalize your activity

A commercial address in a prestigious business center different from a residential address such as your home. You can put the address on your website and on your business card and appear on Google and others.

Have your correspondence and parcels taken care of

A place to meet in person or virtually in a modern and professional space, other than a bar or your living room

A work environment without having the fixed costs of an office

Included services

Home address

Commercial address in the Corporate Business Center. It will add value to your activity
improving your professional image.


Collection of letters and packages. We will notify you when something arrives and we will save it for you.
If you need something scanned and sent to you, we'll do it for you.

Common spaces

You will be a Grow Working member, so you have total availability of the areas
common areas of the space to meet, or stop for a while to work or have a coffee.
High speed Wi-Fi, printer service. Coffee and infusions included.

Meeting Rooms

Availability of 2 hours per month for a private meeting room to meet with
suppliers, customers, your team or have a video conference.


Discounts for contracting meeting rooms, training and events.

Our plan for you, freelancer

Monthly Payment

39€/month +VAT

Annual payment

325€/year + VAT

Si Do you need more info contact us

Grow Working authorizes the client of this service to use its facilities as a commercial and postal address. The virtual office service is the set of these services and their relationship with the contracting company or person is limited to them.

Grow Working is not part of, nor does it collaborate with the companies that hire the virtual office service, nor does it allow any type of customer promotion in the Grow Working space.

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Doubts about our service for freelancers in Malaga

Can I domicile my company?
What is the difference between registered office and tax address?
Can I domicile my company?

Yes, in our plan we include business domiciliation. Although for tax domiciliation you must hire our virtual office

What is the difference between registered office and tax address?

The tax domicile does not have to coincide with the registered office. The main differences between the two concepts are the following:

  • Each type of domicile is defined by different laws: the social one by the Capital Companies Law; the prosecutor by the General Tax Law.
  • The main difference that marks each domicile is that while the company is administered and managed at the registered office; The tax domicile is where notifications from the Tax Agency are received.
  • The registered office is public and the fiscal belongs to the private sphere.